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?? This is the HELP of PicoKey??for PC (Charactor input Program using numeric keypad), which is
    provided in this site.

Using PicoKey : Use the PicoKey input method
Pause PicoKey : Pause the PicoKey input method
Close PicoKey Window : Close the PicoKey window, but continue using the PicoKey
Exit : Quit running the PicoKey

English(Small) : English(Small) input mode
English(Capital) : English(Capital) input mode
Numeral : Numeral input mode
Special Characters : Special Characters input mode
Korean : Korean input mode
Japanese(Hiragana) : Japanese(Hiragana) input mode
Japanese(Gatagana) : Japanese(Gatagana) input mode

Part of Keyboard : Select the keypad area among the numeric keypad, 789 and belows, 123 and belows
Korean Keypad : Select the Korean keypad type between the L Type and R Type
English Keypad : Select the English keypad type among the F Type, P Type, and B Type
Double Click : Set up the double click use
Time Interval : Set up the time intervals of extended keys and double click

Help : Help page of PicoKey site : PicoKey Homepage
about PicoKey : Contents of PicoKey software version and copyright

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